Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Graffiti Name Tag

This is perhaps the most personal lesson we have done so far.  My school is in an urban environment and students see a lot of "graffiti" in their daily life. The students were really invested in this one and most spent nearly two weeks working on them.  We began with a slide shop to look at different types of graffiti art.  Of course, we talked about the difference between legal and illegal graffiti :-).  Next, we watched a you tube video from DK drawing.  Students were able to watch a "professional" graffiti artist complete a tag from start to finish.

There were not too many specific instructions for this one.  I provided the student with a handout of different fonts and that was about it.  They were also given the option of creating their own tag name. I am quite impressed with these works of art!

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