Sunday, April 26, 2015

Intuitive collage

This project was inspired by a Soul Collage class that I recently attended.  Students were asked to combine images from magazines in an interesting way.  I think these reveal a lot about personality, spirit, and the collective uncondcious.  I will let the visual language that was created here speak for itself.

Truly inspirational and hilarious too!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Surrealist Collage Portrait

I got this lesson idea from the Becker Middle School Art blog. students really had fun with this one.  They were encouraged to be as wierd as possible.  They were asked to cut out a face (either human or animal) from a magazine.  Then they glued the face ( no hair or clothing) to a piece of paper.  Next they drew hair and clothing.  They outlined that with black sharpie and put a color wash on the whole paper.  This was accomplished using crayons markers.  They drew an outline with the markers and then used water and a brush to smear the color into the shape.
Many of these made me laugh out loud.  Good comic relief for the beginning of the end of the year!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Internal Lanscapes.

After our crazy perspective lesson,  I decided that we needed to loosen things up a bit.  This Landscape project was the perfect project to reduce anxiety.  It is pretty simple and took only 2-3 class periods.  Watercolor paint has an amazing ability to sooth.   There were no rules for this one, other than draw some wavy lines to create the landscape of you choice and add a sun or moon.  They also used black tempera paint applied with strips of card stock to go over their pencil drawing.  Watercolor was applied the next day when the black paint was dry.  When asked, "how should I color it? " I said, " Use your favorite colors. "

I am so impressed with how well they were able to imagine and manifest these beautiful landscapes.  These kids live in an urban environment and many have never visited wide open spaces.